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About the book

To give context to those who may not know or remember our story. In May of 2018, our youngest of four sons, Eden, at the age of thirteen months, was kidnapped and held for ransom.

‘Finding Eden’ is the story of Eden and the miracles God has been so evident in within his life even before he was born. It provides insight throughout the days of the kidnapping as well as the aftermath of the trauma our family and community went through.

The reverse side of the book is another titled ‘Finding Your Eden’. It started out as journal entries and developed into what I hope is a self-help guide and devotional for you to access and use how you need.

It provides insight into my world at that time, my difficult moments and how I not only got through them, not only overcame them but truly healed in order to share my story. There are personal thoughts and perspectives on dealing with trauma and its many characteristics.

And I pray you find something from it that adds value to your story.

How do I get my book?

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When you checkout, if you put in a Gauteng shipping address, you will see 2 shipping options pop up. One is normal shipping at R65, and the other is collection at the Bridge Church Resource Centre. 

Collection at the Bridge Church Resource Centre is free, and will only be available on Sunday 4 December 2022 before and after the Christmas Carol services. 

Books will also be available for purchase after the 4th from the Resource Centre at Bridge Church at the regular price of R200, and can be purchased on Sundays between services.

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…and receive your copy of Finding Eden  |  Finding Your Eden after 4 December 2022.

All proceeds go to Dare-2-Care.

Why a book

Before a life of social media platforms, the worldwide internet and technology that diverted our attention from our little bubbles, books were the source of so much more than what society is exposed to these days. At least in my opinion this is what has happened over the years since Google took over. Books were so much more life giving, informational, relational and deeply forming. They still are, we just aren’t rushing out to our libraries for something we can now easily access on our home computers and even for some, our cellphones.

I love books, I always have and always will. Even the smell of the paper within them is nostalgic to me of adventure awaiting, or another level I get to add to myself. Whatever the book I’m about to read, I know I can eagerly wait in anticipation that I’m about to see a world transformed within my imagination, my perspective and even my personal growth.

As helpful and wonderful as the internet is for the most part, social media in particular has closed off so many to storytelling in this format. Though many beautiful stories are shared through social media and can make an impact by being shared over and over, they filter out. They get lost amongst the billions of feeds coming in on timelines, masked by bad news, false news and a barrage of useless information that has become a new way of living, a culture that is defining people rather than the other way around.

Books are kept, to be enjoyed, unfiltered, definitive and always found when you need them. They can be shared for what they are, with purpose and meaning, they can be difference makers in their own right.

Storytelling and story sharing go right back to the beginning of time. Before writing itself. It’s the sharing of a story that defines mankind, our history, our origins, our thoughts, cultures and beliefs. Without stories we would have no context, no imagination, no source of information and more so, no connection.

Stories are what connect us, they bring us together. People find inspiration, motivation, healing and even a reason to go on through the sharing of stories they can relate to. To find meaning and purpose, to find a connection that understands their season, their pain, grief, difficulty, whatever the journey, someone is there who has walked before and sharing the journey will help another.

That is what this site is for, it’s using social media platforms for the good of sharing. I am finding through my own journey over these years that people just don’t talk anymore – we don’t truly share our difficulties, our stresses, our depressions, our stories. Combining both social media with my book, is my hope that it reopens an avenue for sharing. Finding Eden is not just our family’s story, it’s God’s story. It is also your story. It is the beginning of opening up a conversation that needs to be had, we live in a world where we have been conditioned to believe that sharing our pain makes us weak, that speaking about our troubles will be used against us and break us down and that needs to end. Using a platform that is safe for all to feel included, loved, cared for and seen is what we should be doing.

Eden’s story is the foundation of what I hope will be the platform for anyone looking to be less alone in their world. To come to this place, find a story from someone who is brave enough to share and find comfort and the beginning of their own Eden once more.

“Never underestimate the difference you can make in the lives of others. Step forward, reach out, and help. Reach out to someone that might need a lift”
- Pablo

Our story, your story

This site is not about Eden, nor myself.

This site is about community, upliftment of one to another. This site is a safe haven for the lost, the hurting and the healed. For stories of those who have been through trauma, difficulty, loss and grief. To be shared with those who are struggling through their own current storm, looking for a way forward, looking for breakthrough and hope, knowing there are others who’ve been there and healed, others who’ve felt pain like theirs and overcome.

There will always be a story from someone…. for someone.

We start with the story of Eden here but by no means end with it. The book you see available for purchase is the first of many to come, from those who find the courage to speak. Some stories will be blogs for you to read and share, some books will be launched for purchasing at various times.

My prayer for you, is that you find your Eden in a story that reads you too. That you come to see you are not alone and your voice matters. If you feel you have a story to tell and God has brought you through it, feel free to contact us.

Your story may be the catalyst to someone else’s healing.

Have you got a story you'd like to share?

We’d love to hear from you! 


Dare2Care is something very special to myself and my family and to be able to contribute to this ministry through this book is incredibly special for us as a family. Therefore all sale proceeds from ‘Finding Eden’ and ‘Finding Your Eden’ will be directly donated to Dare2Care and we thank you for enabling us to do so by supporting the sale of the books. Thank you!